65+ Best Small Space Dining Table Design Ideas for Small Room


It’s often hard to put your own stamp on the dining room, due to its very specific purpose and the fact there are only a few functional pieces of furniture you would usually use in this space. However, you can really freshen up your eating area by using some striking pieces of contemporary dining furniture. One of the biggest appeals of contemporary furniture is that you can open up your space and the atmosphere of the room, rather than settling for the often oppressive ambience of a more traditional dining room.

If you only have a small dining area, or simply an extension of your living room that you use for this purpose, contemporary dining furniture will enable you to make the best use of the space. A more traditional approach would see a heavy and hefty, chunky wooden dining table dominating the middle of the floor, with its equally heavy matching dining chairs – perhaps with a large, dark sideboard or dresser and a looming cocktail cabinet. Contemporary dining furniture is much more streamlined and slim line, and therefore, much less intrusive than a more old fashioned style of furnishing. Clean straight lines, crisp corners and sleek curved steel or chrome are just some of the characteristics you can choose from when buying your dining room contemporary furniture.

Materials are another great reason to choose contemporary dining furniture. Hard plastics and other smooth, durable materials mean that dining tables are easy to wipe clean, so you can easily keep your eating area shiny and hygienic. Wooden surfaces can be a bane, with a multitude of nooks and crannies seem to be a magnet for dirt and making it hard to keep surfaces free from grime. Your contemporary dining furniture will just need a quick wipe over with a damp, soapy cloth and hey presto, dirt-free, shimmering surfaces!

Contemporary dining furniture comes in so many shapes and colours that you can really have some fun with this look. You can go for block bright colours, something that makes visitors say ‘Wow!’ as they walk in the room, or you can choose something a little classier, such as elegant black and chrome contemporary dining tables and matching dining chairs.

Because of the different design elements utilised you may also find your contemporary chairs are easy to stack away if you need to create more space, or simply have some spare dining chairs on hand for when you entertain a larger group of guests.

Contemporary dining furniture is an all-round winner; practical yet versatile, durable yet beautiful, and the chance to inject some modern personality into an otherwise potentially dull room.

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